King David High School

"Let there be light
through faith and work"


On the 5th June 4 year 8 pupils; Farhan Ali, Kiera Murray, Lydia Spicer-Jones and Jack Hambleton all attended the Salters Festival of Chemistry at the University of Liverpool. The festival welcomed students from schools across Merseyside and further afield. The students took place over two heats, a Salter’s Challenge and the University Challenge. The teams were given tasks to test their teamwork, problem solving, scientific reporting and the success of their lab work.


Our team worked brilliantly together and thoroughly enjoyed the day and being able to work in the state of the art university laboratories. They successfully solved challenging problems in the forensic task where they got to carry out university level experiments. They also gained experience of what being a chemistry student at the University of Liverpool is like, by taking part in lectures and meeting professors.


The students should all be very proud of their achievements and being great science ambassadors for the school through their enthusiasm and determination.