King David High School

"Let there be light
through faith and work"

DofE Gold Practice Expedition

The DofE Gold Practice Expedition took place over the Bank Holiday Weekend, from Sunday 5th May to Tuesday 7th May 2019.

In our effort to decarbonise, the students took a train from Broad Green to Macclesfield.  They then started their expedition at the Trentabank Ranger Station in Macclesfield Forest.  On Day 1 the groups walked to Gradbach Scout Camp via Wildboarclough and Three Shires Head.  On Day 2 the groups walked from Gradbach to Danebridge, then over The Roaches to Hazel Barrow Farm.  Whilst traversing the Roaches, we saw the terrible devastation caused by the moorland fires last summer.  After breaking camp at Hazel Barrow Farm, on Day 3, the groups walked back to Wildboarclough.

Day 1: Starting the expedition at Trentabank


Day 1: An early lunch on Shutlingsloe


Day 1: Enjoying the view from Shutlingsloe


Day 1: At Three Shires Head, just before the sleet and hailstones



Day 1: Some of the many spring lambs that we saw


Day 1: Eight boys in the emergency shelter at the Gradbach Scout Camp… was a bit chilly that night.



Day 2: Walking by the River Dane



Day 2: Walking through the bluebells at Danebridge…and missing the footpath


Day 2: On the Roaches



Day 2: Enjoying the sunset at Hazel Barrow Farm