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Election of Parent Governor




Notice is hereby given that:

i)  The election of a Parent Governor to serve on the Governing Body of King David High School will take place this term.

 ii)  If you are a parent of a registered pupil in the School you are entitled to take part in the election procedures.

 iii)  All parents are entitled to be nominated for election to the Governing Body unless

iv) a.  they are elected members of Liverpool Local Authority

b.  they work at the school for more than 500 hours in any school year (1 August to    31 July)

c.  they refuse to make an application to the Disclosure & Barring Service for a DBS certificate, if requested

 All parents are entitled to nominate other eligible parents for election. The number of nominations made by each parent must not be more than the number of Parent Governor vacancies.  The Clerk to the Governors will send Nomination Forms to parents.  If you are nominated, you must sign a form giving your consent to be nominated.  We will not accept unsigned Nomination forms.

 iv)  Completed Nomination Forms must be returned to the Clerk to the Governors by not later than 12 noon on Wednesday 10th July 2019.

 v)   If, by the closing date for nominations shown above, the number of nominations received is less than, or equal to, the number of Parent Governor vacancies, those nominated shall be declared elected unopposed from that date. If the number of nominations received is greater that the number of Parent Governor vacancies, an election will be held and ballot papers will be sent to you by the Headteacher.

 vi) If you are a candidate for election, you will be given the opportunity to provide parents with a written statement about yourself to assist parents to decide for whom they wish to vote.

 vii)  Voting will be by secret ballot and you will be asked to return your completed ballot paper to school in a sealed envelope which the school will provide.  You can either return the ballot personally, by post or by giving it to your child to return to school.  No vote will be counted unless it is on an official ballot paper.  You can vote for only two of the candidates shown on the ballot paper.

 viii)  Completed ballot papers must be returned to the Headteacher by not later than the date shown on the ballot paper.

 ix)  Parent Governors serve for a four year term of office. Parent Governors are NOT required to resign from the Governing Body if they no longer have a child as a registered pupil at the school at any time during their period of office, although they may choose to do so at any time if they so wish, for any reason.  If a Parent Governor does resign part way through their period of office, a by-election will be held.  The newly elected Governor will serve for a full four year period of office unless he/she chooses to resign during that period.

 x)  In the event of a tie the drawing of lots or toss of a coin determines the result, after a recount.

Below are the documnets related to the Parent governor Election - click to open.

Governor Invite Nominations Letter

Timetable of election of Parent Governor

Nomination Form

Results Appointed Candidates

Nominated Candidate Statement