King David High School

"Let there be light
through faith and work"

Applications to Year 7 to 11 (In Year Application)

If you wish to move your child from a Liverpool high school to King David High School, please speak to your child's current school in the first instance.

If you are moving to Liverpool or you want to move your child to Kind David High School from another local authority or independent (private) school, click on the Liverpool City Council link below.

Once you have completed either of the above options and believe that your application will fulfil one of the Admission Categories in our admission policy below, please complete the Supplementary Info Form below and send it to the school with any relevant proof.

Please note that the Supplementary Info Form below is only for students who are currently in high school and are looking to apply for an In Year Transfer. If your child is currently in Year 6 and looking to apply for a place for Year 7 in September 2024 please follow this link.


* Please note that we are currently full in years 7 to 11 - any applications received will be placed on our waiting list *