Young Lord Mayor Event

Back in September I was elected to be a young lord mayor for a month after presenting a speech at Liverpool’s school’s parliament. I was selected for the month of March and so far it has been really exciting as I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to shadow the Lord May, Councillor Malcolm Kennedy, in some of events.


My first event was celebrating Commonwealth Day on Monday 12th March. This is an annual opportunity to celebrate the links between commonwealth communities across the world.


I travelled to Chester racecourse by coach from Liverpool Town Hall. In Chester I attended a number of speeches made by students and businesses benefiting from the Commonwealth; Leaders of commonwealth communities; The Earl of Wessex and some f the leaders of the new Chester and Liverpool commonwealth day association. Even though some of the speeches were not particularly relevant to me it was really interesting to see how businesses are moving towards working with the commonwealth. I also really enjoyed to see how different people present speeches in their individual way whilst picking up tips on the best ways to get the audience involved.


Overall my first event was really exciting and a great experience that I think will be really useful for me in the future. It was a great day and I hope my next events are just as exciting!


Laura Levy (Year 9)