Y9 Students attend Liverpool Women In Science Lectures.

 Students from Year 8 and 9 attended the Liverpool Women in Science Lectures on 1st December which comprised of 6 Ted-style talks. 

We first learned about the Mathematics which underpins campanology.  Apparently a peal on 7 bells requires 7! (5040) changes, and while continental bells ring randomly, English and Welsh bells are ordered rounds.  No comment was made as to the nature of Scottish or Irish bells. 

The next presentation was a fascinating lecture on “The Invisible World of Microbiomes”.  Apparently we have 10 trillion human cells but are each carrying 100 trillion microbial cells.  Everyone has a unique microbial signature and being moody can be blamed on your microbiome! 

We also learned that EXIT signs that glow in the dark (without batteries) are due to radioactive tritium, which emits low energy b radiation .

Another speaker discussed the research carried out by Pixar to allow then to animate aquatic creatures for Finding Nemo and Dory.  It took Pixar 2 years of observation to animate Hank!