St Peter's College Ambassador Programme

Alongside 8 other teachers from across the UK, Dr Dale has been selected to be a Subject Ambassador for St Peter’s College, University of Oxford.  She has taught Chemistry at King David for 14 years and even though she has leadership responsibilities, she is a teacher first.  With a first class degree in Chemistry and a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, she is well qualified but recognises that she is teaching content about which there was virtually no knowledge when she herself was at school and university; for example, at that time, particle physics and fullerenes were only in their infancy. 

The SPC Ambassador Programme offers teachers the chance to work with a college professor to extend knowledge and understanding in area where new advances have revolutionised current thinking.  Dr Dale has been appointed to work with Professor Mark Moloney, concentrating on strengthening understanding of DNA and other biological molecules (from a chemist’s perspective). Participation in this programme is not only designed to produce new teaching resources to prepare students more rigorously for 21st century university education, but should also encourage more applications to competitive universities.

Dr Dale and Mr Walton attended the launch event at St Peter’s College in September and held meetings with the host team.  The pictures shown are of teachers and Oxford mentors involved in the programme, in the courtyard of St Peter’s College, and Dr Dale in a meeting with Professor Mark Moloney, discussing the structure of DNA.