Peer Mentors win an award!

Each week during a Thursday lunchtime peer mentors run ‘The chill club’. The peer mentors were trained by Merseyside Youth association and continue to work closely with them. On Monday 7th October three of our peer mentors (Natalya, Beth and Izzy) were invited by MYA to Bristol to attend 'PeerFest' as the peer mentor programme had been shortlisted for an award for the category of 'Peer Support in a workplace or organisation'. The peer mentoring project  was shortlisted down to the bottom 2 out of 77 peer support entries for the award across the country.

The other contender was HSBC, who have been doing some amazing work around mental health policies in the workplace and a support manual and helpline for people struggling. 

The MYA’s peer mentors won the award! Along with £1000 for the MYA peer mentoring project. We are very proud of the peer mentors in school for continuing to support their peers and combat stigma around mental health in school.