Our Journey as Young Lord Mayors

In the new school year, our head of year, also the representative for the school’s parliament in our school, Miss Kelly told us about the school’s parliament. We were instantly interested and both put our names forward. Luckily, we were both chosen out of the many students that were interested.  Our first meeting was cancelled, but when we attended the second we had lots of fun, learnt a lot about what is happening in Liverpool and met so many amazing people. It was in this meeting that we were told about the opportunity to make a speech about why you would want to become a Young Lord Mayor and what you would do to help the young people of Liverpool. We both agreed that this opportunity was very exciting and one of a kind so we both put our names down and started our speeches. We enjoyed writing and delivering our speeches and amazingly we were both elected as one of the twelve Young Lord Mayors.

More than a week after we were elected, we had our inauguration ceremony, which entailed us receiving a certificate, meeting the Lord Mayor and signing a document to agree to the terms of being a Young Lord Mayor. We also found out which month we were representing, Beth will be attending the events in January and Laura in March. Hopefully we will have more memories to come through School’s Parliament.

We would both like to thank Jeff Dunn, the director of the Liverpool Schools Parliament, for giving us this amazing opportunity. We would also like to thank Miss Kelly for helping us get involved and taking the time to answer all our questions and emails and for your patience.