North West European Youth Parliament

North West European Youth Parliament Debating Event

Students from Year 12 participated in a debating competition with representatives from other schools in the North West.  The event was held at the Town Hall and the team led two debates in addition to contributing to the general debates.  The team made an excellent impression with their interventions, changing the tack of the debate on a number of occasions. The first debate had a well-researched opening argument from Josh Blunenow and a very persuasive closing speech from Lily Bichard-Collins. Another highlight was in the 4th debate when, due to another school's withdrawal, there was a last minute opportunity for an additional opposition team. King David not only won the bid to take that place, they then carried the motion with an opening case from Jack McGowan, some convincing arguments all round and a stirring closing argument from Callum Barrie, making a number of detailed points, despite the short notice. Every member of the team made a valuable contribution and, while they did not eventually progress to the next round, they gained both praise and considerable experience from the event. Well done to all who took part.