MFL Department News

MFL Win Bid for Ipads

Mrs Brown bid for a grant from the Ernest Cook Trust to win some resources to build the much wanted MFL resource base. We did not win the full bid but were lucky enough to be awarded £2,000 to buy some ipads for the department which will arrive later this month. 

The ipads will be used in class to access authentic materials, practise vocabulary using language learning games and apps and possibly to SKype some of our partner schools. 

We are really looking forward to them arriving and pupils being able to use them in class. 


German Visitors

In school pupils may have noticed that we have two German trainee teachers from Hamburg. They have come to look at language learning in England through Hope university and will be observing and helping in lots of MFL lessons. They also have an interest in attending English and Chemistry lessons. We welcome them warmly and hope they enjoy their stay and pupils take advantage of them being in school.